Wash and Fold Laundry Service in North Vancouver & Richmond

Do you struggle to manage your time every week to wash your clothes or take them to a laundry services provider?

Are you concerned about having clean and sanitized laundry?

No Problem! Our wash and fold laundry service is an ideal choice for convenient, safe laundry in North Vancouver and Richmond, for both personal and commercial laundry needs. Our service is ideal for:

Laundry will be returned to you fresh, sanitized, and packed in dust-proof and wet-proof packaging, so you can be confident that your garments and protective coverings are safe and ready to wear when needed.

Wash and Fold Laundry Service in North Vancouver & Richmond

Get the very best in wash and fold service from the expert dry cleaners and launderers at Lions Gate Fabricare Cleaners. We are a full-service provider offering quality laundry service. We will wash your soiled garments and then fold them and package them properly so that they will be easy to store and remain clean and ready to use.

Free Valet Service

We also provide a free valet service, so you don’t need to bring your laundry to our shop. Instead, you can collect all your soiled garments and then schedule a free pickup. We will come to your home or business and collect them. As an experienced dry cleaning and laundry services provider, we will use the best cleaning methods for your garments, based on their fabric, so that cleaning will not damage the fabric. We will properly package them and then deliver them to you, with no delivery charge.

24 Hour Turnaround

Our wash and fold laundry service is fast, so your garments will be cleaned and returned to you in only 24 hours!

We help you save several hours every week that you invest in washing your garments, getting them dried, ironing them, and folding them properly. Take advantage of our wash and fold service to save time and make sure you always have clean garments when you need them.

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