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Your wedding day was magical, and your dress deserves a happily ever after too. At Lions Gate Fabricare Cleaners, we specialize in professional wedding dress cleaning, ensuring your cherished gown is preserved for generations to come. Wedding dresses are delicate. Trying to clean them yourself can lead to permanent stains, shrinkage, or even tears. Our expert team uses gentle, proven methods to remove champagne spills, cake frosting, and even grass stains without harming the fabric’s integrity.

We go beyond basic cleaning. Our meticulous process includes:

  • Pre-inspection to identify stains and assess the dress’s overall condition.
  • Hand-spotting as stains are treated individually using specialized techniques.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning using gentle, environmentally friendly solvents for a safe and effective clean.
  • Hand-pressing your dress is carefully pressed to restore its original shape and lustre.
  • Preservation boxes to protect your dress from dust and light damage.

We understand the immense sentimental value your wedding dress holds. That’s why we offer peace of mind with every stitch. Our cleaners are highly trained professionals with extensive experience handling delicate wedding gowns. Plus, we’re happy to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific dress and cleaning needs. This personalized approach ensures you feel confident and comfortable entrusting your cherished gown to our care.

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