How Does the Dry Cleaning Process Work

  November 7, 2020

Having clean and dry clothes should be in the “must-have” list to present yourself in front of other people. Wearing cleaned, and ironed clothes not only creates a positive impression of you, but also makes you feel confident. Whenever you go to an interview or a meeting, being well-dressed in sharp clothing makes you look professional. To make your clothes look good and well ironed, you can trust dry cleaning service providers who provide Commercial Dry Cleaning Vancouver, such as Lion Gate Fabricate Cleaners. They offer the best dry cleaning and laundry services to preserve the quality of your clothes. Dry cleaning services are mainly used on clothes which cannot withstand the regular home washer. These types of clothes shrink if they are washed in the home washing machine.

Dry cleaning offers a list of benefits that help to preserve the natural beauty of your clothes. It not only prevents the shrinking and stretching of clothes, but also eliminates time-consuming hand washing methods. But do you have any idea how commercial dry cleaning works? Commercial dry cleaning encompasses small franchise shops catering to household needs, which make use of all in one dry to dry machines or transfer cleaning machinery. This cleaning process may occur in your local storefront when you drop off your dirty clothes. This cost-efficient dry cleaning process has several steps discussed below:

Dry Cleaning Process

Clothes Tagging:

Whenever you leave your clothes with dry cleaners, they tag the garment with an identification number. This ensures that the garment will be returned to the right person.

Garment Inspection:

Before the dry cleaners start cleaning, they inspect all the pockets of the clothes for leftovers, missing buttons, etc. If something like this is found, they will let customers know about it.

Stain Treatment:

The next step involved in the dry cleaning process is stain treatment. While inspecting the clothing, dry cleaners also look for any stains present on clothes. If they find any stains, they will treat them before the solvent cleaning process.

Machined Dry Cleaning Process:

The clothes will be loaded in the large drum machines and cleaned with a water-free chemical solvent. Oil-based stains are also removed effectively, making your garments look clean.

Finishing of Clothes:

After the cleaning process is done, the last step involves getting your garment ready for you to wear. It includes steaming, reattaching buttons, and making essential repairs.

So, now you know how the dry cleaning process works.