Winter Clothes Washing Tips You Should Consider

  March 24, 2021

Are you concerned about washing clothes in winter? When we say winter, then we imagine the snowfall and, of course, the multiple layers of woolen clothing. Though winters can be relatively short, it is important to take some precautions to care for your winter clothes.

Washing your winter clothes at the right time will save them from damage. You can get laundry services in North Vancouver from experts like Lion Gate Fabricate Cleaners. They make your winter clothes look new. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some winter clothes washing tips that you should consider.

Tips for Cleaning your Winter Clothes

Cleaning winter gear properly is necessary to keep them in use for a long time. You can easily wash both bulky and delicate winter clothes at home with ease. For fluffy items having delicate winter threading, you can get laundry services North Vancouver from professional dry cleaners. Here are some tips we have mentioned below that will help you to clean your clothes with ease.

  • Wash your Hand-knitted Clothes with Care

If you wear some hand-knitted winter clothes, then we recommend that you wash them with care. Instead of washing in a machine, you can hand wash them with a mild detergent and cool water.

  • Wash Heavy Clothes Twice in Winters

If you wear warm coats or jackets, then we recommend you to wash them only twice in winter. You can make use of natural laundry detergent and wash them with a gentle cycle in the machine. Do not twist the clothes to remove excess water. Handle them with care.

  • Check Labels Before Cleaning

Whether you are about to wash your coats, jackets, or gloves, you should remember to check the labels that indicate the instructions for fabric cleaning. The fabric care labels provide you the necessary information that will help you to maintain your winter clothes for a long time.

  • Treat Stains Right Away

If your winter clothes get some mud, slush, or salt stains on them, then we recommend that you clean them right away. For better cleaning, you can get laundry services in North Vancouver from experts. They will treat the stain and will remove it immediately.

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  • Wear Extra Layers to Keep Sweaters Clean

A light-camisole would be a perfect option to be worn underneath your sweaters. This is because, in winters, you do not sweat as much, but you still need to wash the clothes that touch your body; therefore, you can protect the sweaters’ cleanliness by wearing some inner layer like a camisole, that can be washed easily. This will prevent the need for frequent washing of sweaters, and you will not face any sweater fading or wear issues.

  • Line Dry Winter Clothes

After washing your winter clothes, you can suspend clothes over a towel bar or rod, or a laundry drying rack. This will be a beneficial line dry process as it will increase the level of moisture in the dry winter air, it will save energy, and it will help your clothes last longer.

These are some tips you can keep in mind while washing winter clothes.