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How to Remove Different Stains from Your Garments

August 27, 2020

Nothing is more painful than seeing stains on your favorite dress. We understand your pain. So, we have brought some simple tips to help your remove different stains from your garments. Oil Stains There are many ways to remove oil stains from your garments. Oil stains may go with [...]

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Tips on How to Remove Suds in your Washing Machine

August 17, 2020

When it comes to washing your clothes, you may think that using extra detergent leads to cleaner clothes. Sadly, that is not the truth. Using more than the needed detergent causes over foaming or oversudsing. Suds can remain on your clothes and make it hard for you to remove [...]

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How to Remove Rust Stains From Your Clothes

June 9, 2020

Do you know why rust stains are considered stubborn stains and why they are difficult to remove? It is because rust stains comprise iron oxide that fixed firmly in the fibers of your garment. Here are some tips that will help you deal with these stubborn and difficult stains. [...]

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What Should Be the Frequency of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes?

January 29, 2020

When it comes to getting their clothes dry cleaned, most people want to know how often they should take their dirty clothes to dry cleaners in Vancouver. They want to get an answer to this question because dry cleaning is more expensive than cleaning at home. As you have [...]

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Laundry Services

December 11, 2019

Are you looking for the best laundry services in Vancouver? So are hundreds of people like you looking to get the most out of these services. They do understand what it’s like using laundry services provided by a trusted name in the industry. With so many companies out there, [...]

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3 Signs You Should Hire Professional Laundry Services

September 17, 2019

Let’s be honest, nobody is fond of doing laundry on their own at their Vancouver home. In fact, such a cumbersome task can never be anyone’s favourite. After all, who has the time to engage in chores as annoying as laundry? Not only does it take a major portion [...]

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Advantages to Using Professional Laundry Services

August 14, 2019

Modern day professional hassles don’t always give you enough time to devote to your personal tasks that also need your attention. There’s so much that you need to deal with and you cannot lose focus. You have a business to run, you have household chores to take care of, [...]

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