4 Necessary Laundry Service Tips for Coronavirus

  October 15, 2020

Coronavirus has upended every aspect of our lives, including something as basic as doing laundry. This virus can live on your clothes, although it only lasts hours, as compared to days for which can live on surfaces such as metal and plastic. However, the virus only needs seconds to spread from your outfits to these other surfaces. This means you must take care of cleaning your clothes. An easy wash with detergent can help clean your garments, but is it enough? Lions Gate Fabricare Cleaners is the best laundry service Richmond that is available to help you in keeping your clothes safe.

Here are some guides on the laundry tips you need to use to make sure that the spread of the coronavirus is contained and cut down.

  1. Clean Clothes Daily

If you go out during this pandemic, make sure you clean your outfits once you get home. Wash your clothes to remove the virus. Ensure that you don’t shake your dirty laundry. Waving the clothes may disperse the virus via the air.

  1. Lukewarm Water

Cleaning your clothes with water doesn’t do enough to harm the virus. But warm water and detergents will remove the virus. It will also help if you use hot water, but don’t forget that high temperatures might damage or shrink some fabrics. Always remember to check the clothing tags before using hot water on them.

  1. Fold your Clothes Yourself

For people who use a communal laundry room, some people prefer to fold their outfits right in the laundry room. It makes sense to fold clothes when come out of the dryer; this keeps them from wrinkling. But this is not the best idea during the pandemic. When you are avoiding public places, you should also limit your time in the laundry room and avoid placing your clean clothes on the counters and other surfaces. Take your clothes home to fold them once they are dry.

  1. Wash your hands once you leave the laundry

We are all trying to be safe and beat this pandemic. It will help if you wash your hands as soon as possible once you leave the laundry space and sanitize your hands. Remember, you can’t tell who has the virus by looking at them. You don’t know who was in the laundry room before you and what their health status is.

Coronavirus has thrown a wrench into our lives. Now we have to change how we go about many activities, including laundry. For laundry service Richmond, connect with Lions Gate Fabricare Cleaners. This is the best way to save money on clothing, with our excellent clothing alterations and cleaning services. Contact us today.