6 Ways That Dry Cleaners Can Enhance Business in the Covid-19 Era

September 10, 2020

During the pandemic, many laundry services Vancouver have seen their income dry up, just like any other service provider, such as fitness centers, hair salons, hotels, restaurants, etc. Lots of laundry services have been forced to shut down completely, while others have reduced their working time. Some dry cleaners [...]

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How to Remove Different Stains from Your Garments

August 27, 2020

Nothing is more painful than seeing stains on your favorite dress. We understand your pain. So, we have brought some simple tips to help your remove different stains from your garments. Oil Stains There are many ways to remove oil stains from your garments. Oil stains may go with [...]

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Tips on How to Remove Suds in your Washing Machine

August 17, 2020

When it comes to washing your clothes, you may think that using extra detergent leads to cleaner clothes. Sadly, that is not the truth. Using more than the needed detergent causes over foaming or oversudsing. Suds can remain on your clothes and make it hard for you to remove [...]

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Benefits of Hiring Laundry Services for Your Business in Vancouver

July 20, 2020

Whether you are running a café, restaurant, hotel, clinic, or hospital, hiring laundry services in Vancouver can be incredibly helpful for your daily business operations. Once you hire them, you will not have to worry about ensuring the availability of clean uniforms, towels, table covers, bedsheets, curtains… for your [...]

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Benefits of Wash and Fold Laundry Services

July 8, 2020

Here are the top benefits of wash and fold laundry services. Saves Time Laundering clothes at home is a tedious and time-consuming task. It takes several hours to wash, dry, iron, and fold your clothes. If you have a busy life, it really becomes difficult for you to manage [...]

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