Three Dry Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Customer

  April 16, 2020

Here are three dry cleaning mistakes to avoid making:

Dry Cleaning Mistakes

1. Taking just any clothing to be dry cleaned

You should not take just any piece of clothing to your dry cleaner, because clothes are made of different materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, and wool. Not every material is suitable for the dry-cleaning process, and for such items, machine or hand washing is the best thing. How can you avoid this mistake? You can know by checking the labels in your clothing for the recommended care instructions. The right cleaning will increase the life of the clothes, by eliminating the probability of damage.

2. Assuming nothing is in the pockets

We all know we must check the pockets of the clothing before washing or taking them for dry cleaning, but we all commit this mistake. Often, we assume we have taken out everything from our pockets, so nothing is left in them, and we give that item to a dry cleaner. It takes less than a minute to check the pockets of trousers or a shirt. If you leave a foreign object in your pocket, and the dry cleaner doesn’t notice the object, that object might cause irreparable damage to the garment. If you have left an important paper, or any valuable item, such as an earring in the pocket and the dry cleaner does not notice it, you will lose your precious item. So, you should always double-check the pockets before handing the clothing to the dry cleaner even if you think you have already checked it at home.

3. Not inquiring about the dry cleaner’s damage policy

Most people don’t inquire this, and that can later create a dispute between them and their dry cleaners in the event of damage. Dry cleaners are specialized experts in dry cleaning, and they don’t want to make any mistake that can hamper their terms with their customers and put a question mark on their credibility. But, unfortunately, damage does some times occur. Though it happens rarely, you must know about the cleaner’s policies in advance, so that you don’t have doubt about how this will be handled.

Taking care of these common dry cleaning mistakes will protect your dress from damages, protect you from losing any valuable item, and help you avoid an unnecessary dispute.