Tips on How to Remove Suds in your Washing Machine

  August 17, 2020

When it comes to washing your clothes, you may think that using extra detergent leads to cleaner clothes. Sadly, that is not the truth. Using more than the needed detergent causes over foaming or oversudsing. Suds can remain on your clothes and make it hard for you to remove it. If you are also experiencing such problems and find it hard to conquer, Lions Gate Fabricare Cleaners is here to help with the best laundry services Vancouver.

Here are some quick tips at how you can remove suds from your washing machine:

1. Use Low Phosphate Detergent

Phosphate makes more suds when blending with water. So, it is better to use lower phosphate detergents. Check the phosphate percentages in the detergent before choosing one.

2. Less Detergent

The best way to eliminate suds is by using the right amount of detergent. It is a popular fact that hard water requires more detergent and soft water uses less. Depending on the nature of your water, start using less detergent, and over time, you will understand the ideal quantity for your wash. However, you should first check the label to narrow down your recommended usage.

3. Overloading

Putting too many clothes in the washing machine will reduce its effectiveness to clean and rinse, which means it will be harder to eliminate soap suds. Overloading can cause problems with the spin cycle, as there is not enough air in the machine to have space to fall during a spin cycle.

4. Too Much Detergent

Many of us are quick to blame the washing machine when suds start to seep out. However, it is because there is too much detergent which create the suds. Make sure you put the right amount of detergent as recommended by the detergent makers.

5. Use Vinegar

White distilled vinegar helps eliminate the suds quantity in your washer. If you get too many suds in your washer, add a half cup of white vinegar to 1 quantity of water, and set your washer on the rinse cycle. Vinegar will help remove all the suds present, and your laundry will come out clean and fresh!

These are some tips to remove suds from your washer. Lions Gate Fabricare Cleaners is a proficient laundry service provider providing its ability to make your clothes as good as you want. We are one of the best dry cleaners Vancouver and experts on all laundry-related topics. To avail of our services, call, email, or request a pickup on our website.