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Reasons to Choose Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

April 18, 2019

Washers have become extremely advanced these days, aside from being energy efficient. They have been letting people reap a myriad of benefits from their use. However, there are still some outfits and other related tasks that are best left to professionals. It pays to hire a pro for dry [...]

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Reasons To Use A Professional Laundry Service

March 25, 2019

Life has become so busy that it can make us feel trapped in a vicious circle. With a plethora of things to take care of, you hardly get time to focus on basic household tasks. While living in the modern day has benefited you in several ways, it has [...]

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Reasons To Use A Professional Dry Cleaning Service

March 4, 2019

Life has become busier than ever. Being a busy professional, you may have a hard time fitting in household chores, including cooking and laundry. This is the reason why you need a professional company that provides its customers with top-notch dry cleaning in North Vancouver at affordable rates. The [...]

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3 Crucial Things You Must Consider When Hiring A Dry Cleaner

January 7, 2019

Trusting a dry cleaner for your clothes is always the right thing to do. There is no denying the fact that some things should always be entrusted to the professionals, as you know that fabrics used in clothing items today are complex, so attempting to clean some of them [...]

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Why is a Commercial Laundry Service Good for Your Business?

December 27, 2018

Looking to improve the efficiency of your business? If so, then you must consider outsourcing some basic chores like laundry to someone who’s not only professional, but experienced enough to provide you the results you’re after. Find a professional company serving its elite customers with unequaled commercial laundry Richmond. [...]

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6 Benefits Of Hiring Dry Cleaners You May Not Know About

December 13, 2018

In this day and age, people are leading a hectic life. While most of them are striving to make both ends meet, there are others who rigorously perform household chores. That’s exactly where we feel the need to hire dry cleaners Vancouver. Let’s take a look at top six [...]

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Three Easy Ideas to Remove Laundry Stains

November 11, 2018

Coffee, tea, makeup, oil and ink can cause serious stains. But, these are things we interact with every day, so we are bound to get some on our clothes. These stains will not help us make a good impression on people. So, they need to be removed from clothes [...]

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How To Wash And Treat Your Swimwear

August 9, 2018

You cannot wash and treat your swimwear like you do other garments. Otherwise, your swimwear will become poor and undesirable after some uses. If you are wondering how you should wash and treat your swim wear and treat this blog will answer just that. We will also inform you [...]

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How to Remove Coffee Stains From Your Silk Dress

July 16, 2018

Here are five tips to remove coffee stains from a silk dress. 1. Hydrogen Peroxide And Detergent Powder Solution Make a solution of hydrogen peroxide and detergent powder. You can use dishwashing soap or liquid detergent as well on the place of detergent powder. Wet a sponge in the [...]

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Five Common laundry Mistakes You Should Avoid

June 14, 2018

Here are common five mistakes that most people make while washing their clothes that you should avoid: Don’t Forget to Do a Colour Test Most people don’t do a colour test. We recommend you do a colour test before washing your new dress/shirt/pant/skirt if you have any doubt that [...]

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