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Why is a Commercial Laundry Service Good for Your Business?

December 27, 2018

Looking to improve the efficiency of your business? If so, then you must consider outsourcing some basic chores like laundry to someone who’s not only professional, but experienced enough to provide you the results you’re after. Find a professional company serving its elite customers with unequaled commercial laundry Richmond. [...]

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Three Easy Ideas to Remove Laundry Stains

November 11, 2018

Coffee, tea, makeup, oil and ink can cause serious stains. But, these are things we interact with every day, so we are bound to get some on our clothes. These stains will not help us make a good impression on people. So, they need to be removed from clothes [...]

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Five Laundry Mistakes to Avoid

June 21, 2018

Washing clothes seems an easy task to most. Simply switching on the machine, allow it to fill with water, add detergent powder/liquid then add dirty laundry. The machine takes it from there. Washing clothes need as much attention as other things. There are many mistakes people make while cleaning [...]

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How to Remove a Soft Drink Stain from Your Dress

March 29, 2018

We enjoy the taste of a soft drink until we spill it on our dress, but as the soft drink spills on our dress, then we forget the drink and start thinking about the stain that the spilled drink will leave. We start thinking about the best possible way [...]

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Three DIY Grease Removal Ideas for You

March 13, 2018

Grease stains are stubborn. They fight for their existence and resist efforts to eliminate them. Removing them is not easy. You cannot remove them with regular cleaning. If you want to remove grease stains from your clothing then you have two options – you either get professional help from [...]

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What Should You Do If Your Favorite Dress Gets Stains?

February 15, 2018

It makes almost everybody feel overly bad and pierces the heart when coffee or anything else falls on their favorite dress and leaves a stain. Here is what you should do when you notice a stain on your dress. First check the tag of the garment to know if [...]

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Five Questions You Must Ask a Laundry Service in North Vancouver Before Trusting Them with Your Wedding Dress

January 23, 2018

Your wedding anniversary is approaching, and you want to wear your wedding dress this year. The idea is good, because this will remind you of the sweet memories of your wedding. As you have not worn the dress since your wedding, you will want to give it to a [...]

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Washing Your Favorite Silk Dress without Causing Fabric Damage

July 17, 2017

For women, silk is one of the most preferred fabric types they wear on casual as well as special occasions. They love wearing silk dresses in the form of different clothing that looks impressive on them. Silk dresses in the form of gowns, skirts, prom dresses and similar other [...]

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Laundry Service for Stains and Odors in Clothing

June 18, 2017

Everyone, from time to time, must deal with dirty clothes which have deep stains and bad odors. After partying with friends, attending festive occasions, and in similar other situations, clothes become dirty and cannot be easily cleaned. Sticky stains of food or drinks on expensive suits and dresses are [...]

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Vanishing Stinky Stains and Odors from Clothing

May 23, 2017

No matter what the season is, people love to wear clothes as per the weather conditions just to look good and feel good. With the advent of every season, people take their season specific clothing out and start wearing as per their likes and desires. But in between all [...]

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